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Welcome to the New MicroStrategy Community

At MicroStrategy, we’re proud of our constantly growing community. It’s made up of people with a wide variety of knowledge, perspectives, and experiences. Best of all, every person contributes and every idea advances the conversation. At MicroStrategy World 2017, we offered a preview of our new Community. Today, it’s live and already supporting user activity.

MicroStrategy’s new Community forum is made for everyone – whether you’re just getting started with MicroStrategy or you’re a seasoned expert. Our Community has everything you need to be successful with MicroStrategy. New and returning visitors to the site can expect improved, streamlined access to:

  • Product Experts - Get in touch with people who build and work on improving every element of the MicroStrategy platform.
  • Documentation - Immediately find relevant information and resources
  • Customer Discussions and Debates – Join conversations and exchange ideas with fellow community members
  • Product Education and Reviews – Learn about MicroStrategy products and review feedback from other users
  • Application Examples – Better understand how MicroStrategy products fit into your organization’s unique workstream

We aim to offer a valuable (and enjoyable) experience for everyone interested in getting more out of their MicroStrategy investment. To accomplish that mission, we’re committed to making it easier for MicroStrategy users and broader community members to efficiently find the expertise and information they need. Our Advanced Product and Technology teams monitor site activity and weigh-in as needed to support all manners of community engagement.

Interested in learning more? Visit to experience what’s new and join a vibrant, growing community.

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