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Superior Analytics Solutions for Retail

Make the most of every customer interaction.


Solve your toughest retail challenges with MicroStrategy

With increasing consumer expectations and new digital channels, competitive retailers are looking for better ways to manage their inventory, improve marketing strategies, and provide superior customer service to help drive more revenue.

Store Operations

Provide store management with superior mobile capabilities and seamless in-app access to their information and system needs, while also allowing them to take action from the sales floor.

Supply Chain Management

Minimize delays, reduce inefficiencies, and maximize profit margins with real-time visibility into supply chain operations.

Inventory Management

Proactively adjust product assortments, inventory levels, and pricing strategies to help increase profitability.

Build beautiful analytics solutions that inform and drive actions

Explore how MicroStrategy platform empowers retailers to tackle store operations challenges in pursuit of customer experience excellence

Learn how leading UK retailer Sainsbury's democratized its data, transforming insights into a competitive edge.


Explore how Schwarz IT achieved award-winning results with an enterprise analytics strategy powered by MicroStrategy.

Customer success in retail

Explore how leading global retailers driving results with MicroStrategy.

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Modernize and grow your retail business with MicroStrategy.

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