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Achieve Results on a Global Scale

Learn how Schwarz IT enables Lidl, Kaufland, Schwarz Produktion, and PreZero to drive global business impact with an enterprise analytics strategy powered by MicroStrategy.

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Establishing an enterprise data and analytics strategy proves key to the Schwarz Group’s success.

Digital transformation, UI modernization, and UX optimization have driven tremendous results for leading global brands like Lidl and Kaufland.

As the central team tasked with establishing and scaling a single version of the truth across its brand portfolio, the Schwarz IT organization embarked on an audacious journey—to realize its holistic data strategy on a global scale.

Empowering users with on-the-go access to analytics on mobile devices and investments in future-forward technologies like cloud helped Schwarz IT drive its impact even further. Today, tens of thousands of users in 30+ countries leverage their suite of analytics applications to access data-driven insights that inform actions.

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Data and analytics in action

Hear how analytics leaders at Schwarz IT, Lidl, and Kaufland help their businesses deliver results across the full retail lifecycle—earning their team our Global Business Impact Award for 2022.

Schwarz IT: Embark on an Enterprise Analytics Journey to Drive Global Impact  

Discover the 2025 Vision that helped the Schwarz Group unify its data landscape, adopt cloud, and modernize its apps to deliver best-in-class analytics experiences. Partnering with Schwarz IT and MicroStrategy professional services, powerhouse retailers like Lidl and Kaufland now serve tens of thousands of analytics users in 30+ countries—from individual stores to its international Board of Directors.

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Lidl: Global Reporting Solutions and Standards Result in a Data-Driven Culture  

Learn how Lidl consolidated reporting across 30 countries to deliver standardized, trusted insights to tens of thousands of users with books of business and self-service BI solutions powered by MicroStrategy. Today, Lidl is a data-driven organization leveraging globally standardized metrics to empower users worldwide with the need-to-know insights that drive its business.

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Kaufland: Trusted Enterprise Analytics Apps and Common KPIs Drive Best-Price Product Offerings  

Explore how Kaufland uses its single version of the truth to make fast-paced decisions in an evolving market. With MicroStrategy Dossiers and other native capabilities, Kaufland empowers employees to derive insights from the large amounts of data they produce with enterprise reporting and self-service BI solutions that facilitate end-to-end operations, category management, and more.

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World 2022 Keynote: Establish a Self-Sustaining Strategy for Enterprise Analytics and Digital Transformation 

Learn how Schwarz IT mastered its global data and analytics landscape with a user-focused, cloud-powered modernization journey. With a circular economy strategy spanning the full CPG manufacturing, retail, and waste management lifecycle, Schwarz IT knew the right solution must provide users with timely insights across all time zones in 30+ countries—and chose MicroStrategy as its partner.

Retailers worldwide run smarter businesses with enterprise analytics.

Explore how MicroStrategy empowers leading retail brands spanning apparel, grocery, food and beverage, CPG, and eCommerce with the data they need and the solutions they rely on.

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