Published: May 27, 2020  •  1211 Views

Publishing HyperIntelligence Cards to Your Organization

So, you’ve built a card—now what? Join MicroStrategy EVP of Marketing Saurabh Abhyankar as he explores what it takes to get a card from the Workstation editor to your end users’ applications and devices. Learn how you can leverage enterprise-grade security and certification workflows to quickly publish HyperIntelligence cards across your entire organization. Watch this video to learn more about:

  • Certifying cards for general use
  • Applying access controls for specific users and user groups
  • Setting up website whitelisting for individual cards

[0:58] Adding Users and User Groups
[1:15] Adding a Name and Description
[1:28] Workflows for Certifying a Card
[2:17] Defining Security Access
[3:10] Controlling User Permissions
[3:50] Card Whitelisting
[4:57] Accessing a Card in a Web Browser


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