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Fall in Love with MicroStrategy AI

Find out why AI + BI is a match made in Heaven

Is your org struggling to bring data insights to every employee? Confused on where to go with bringing GenAI to your BI solution? Now imagine every employee at the edges of your organization has access to insights they need.

Join us for our webinar Fall in Love with MicroStrategy AI and get a first look into how to:

  • Elevate every role with impactful insights through simple to use AI + BI tools that every person can easily work with, no tech-speak necessary.
  • Eliminate data chaos by cutting out data clutter with a single source of truth everyone can easily get answers from.
  • Embrace technological freedom with a ONE platform that is fully customizable to your org’s structure and needs.


David Swan

Manager, Sales Engineering


PeggySue Werthessen

Vice President, Product Marketing