Changes and Improvements in MicroStrategy 2020

Product Features by Role

What does the cutting-edge of data analytics look like? Take a look at the latest MicroStrategy product features and updates.

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Dashboards aren’t enough. Empower the experts in your organization to deploy contextual insights to any website, screen, wall, device, or application. Whether you’re answering emails or scrolling through a website, you can get answers in real time without interrupting your workflow—no clicks required. HyperIntelligence will change how you work.

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  • Cards

    Get answers by simply hovering over text–no interruptions, no delays. Cards deliver insights to users in the applications they’re already using. Inject intelligence directly into web browsers, email clients,, Slack, Office365 apps, other BI tools, and more.

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  • HyperVoice

    Integrate MicroStrategy with Alexa or Google Home to turn analytics applications into a voice-enabled personal coach. Boost productivity by blending insights into existing workflows.

  • HyperScreen

    Turn a screen into a dynamic, intelligent display that presents a personalized view of information based on who is standing nearby. Use digital identity to transform offices and facilities into spaces that inspire data-driven collaboration and action.

  • HyperVision

    Hold up your device for an augmented reality experience that overlays insights on objects and surroundings. Use image recognition to scan products and check inventory, or use your GPS location to get an instant customer brief as you walk into your meeting.

Transformational Mobility

Put intelligence in the hands of your workforce and transform applications and business processes. MicroStrategy 2020 delivers more ways for organizations to quickly deploy mobile productivity apps for a variety of business functions and roles, on any standard device. There’s never been a better–or more critical–time to go mobile.

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  • 3 powerful strategies to build apps​

    Armed with simple code-free development tools, more people can become citizen developers and quickly create mobile apps that empower executives, field sales teams, store associates, factory employees, and more.

  • Drag-and-drop to deploy code-free​

    Empower analysts and developers to build custom-branded apps that mobilize systems, processes, and applications. With code-free tools and a click-to-configure development canvas, it’s easy to deliver apps quickly and at a lower cost. Make data truly actionable by incorporating proactive alerting, write-back capabilities, and offline access.

  • Mobile dossiers

    Quickly build interactive books of analytics that render beautifully on smartphones and tablets. Put intelligence in more hands and bring insight to the point of action.

  • Customized development

    SDKs for iOS and Android let developers extend MicroStrategy content into business apps using XCode or JavaScript. By injecting intelligence into new and existing applications, your organization can rapidly deliver new experiences that add value for employees, customers, and partners.

Federated Analytics

Deploying a powerful enterprise intelligence platform doesn’t mean giving up the tools your users love. MicroStrategy 2020 delivers a foundation for users to get more from their favorite tools while accelerating development and enhancing trust. It’s all powered by the Enterprise Semantic Graph–a foundation for the Intelligent Enterprise.

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  • For analysts​

    MicroStrategy 2020 lets analysts and business teams tap into trusted enterprise data, blend in other sources, and quickly build content—without giving up their favorite self-service tools. Tableau, PowerBI, and Qlik users can connect directly with MicroStrategy to enhance their departmental apps with scalability, security, and data governance. It’s the best of both worlds.

  • For data scientists

    Using MicroStrategy and popular statistical libraries, data scientists can access trusted data to build complex models that benefit the entire enterprise. MicroStrategy delivers open-source R and Python packages that let data scientists surface powerful machine learning algorithms, empowering analysts and developers to rapidly build sophisticated intelligence applications.

  • For developers

    With an open architecture and comprehensive set of APIs, MicroStrategy 2020 lets developers embed intelligence into custom and third-party applications with ease. Build custom data connectors and apps using common programming languages like JavaScript, HTML, Java, Python, SWIFT, Objective-C, .Net, and more. Use the included development kits, sample code, and utilities to get results, fast.

Enterprise Platform

MicroStrategy 2020introduces more ways to turn insight into impact. Blend and analyze all your data and leverage third-party systems and existing investments. Deploy powerful applications at scale and deliver a single version of truth across your organization. Set the foundation for a new generation of enterprise intelligence.

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  • Enterprise Semantic Graph

    MicroStrategy 2020 lets you establish an Enterprise Semantic Graph, an index of all your data assets enriched in real time with location intelligence and usage telemetry. This powerful foundation enables a new class of AI applications that deliver relevant content and insights based on who you are, where you are, and what you’re doing.

  • Integrate and Embed

    The open MicroStrategy platform offers a comprehensive API layer that makes it easy to leverage third-party systems, tools, and modern technologies. Tap into everything from visualization galleries like D3 to Amazon Alexa, chatbots, or R Advanced Analytics—and deliver apps for any business need.

  • Deploy in minutes

    Use pre-configured provisioning consoles for Azure and AWS to launch MicroStrategy quickly and with minimal effort. With flexible options to deploy via commercial or private cloud, on-premises, or through hybrid deployments, you can choose the option that fits your business.

  • Platform Analytics

    Powerful platform analytics deliver the visibility you need to monitor, manage, and optimize your enterprise-wide intelligence deployment. Access key system usage data in intuitive dossiers, process real-time telemetry data, and do more with less.

User Role Changes and Considerations

The various roles in the Map of the Intelligent Enterprise™ all have new features, product changes, and important considerations to keep in mind when upgrading to MicroStrategy 2020. The six roles below all play an important role in maintaining a business intelligence environment, along with having an important voice when making key decisions. It’s important that each role is aware of new functionality along with the impact that upgrading will have in their area of expertise.

Platform Administrator

The Platform Administrator deploys and configures the Intelligence Architecture on premises and/or in the cloud. They maintain the security layer, monitor system usage, and optimize the architecture to reduce errors, maximize up‑time, and boost performance.

Analytics Architect

The analytics architect creates, publishes, and optimizes a federated data layer as the enterprise’s single version of the truth. They also build and maintain the schema objects and abstraction layer on top of the various changing enterprise assets.

Application Architect

The application architect works to create, share, and maintain intelligence applications for the enterprise. They also publish standardized application objects and promote departmental applications from self‑service.

Digital Identity Architect

This architect is responsible for the Enterprise Identity Management System running across Web, Mobile, and PC devices, integrated with enterprise directories. Enterprise Digital Identity services provide multi‑factor authentication, security, telemetry, proximity awareness, analytics, and integrated communications for applications, logical assets, physical assets, and business processes across the enterprise. It combines location awareness with analytics to enable physical and logical access and the Internet of Things (IOT).

Embedded Analytics Architect

The embedded analytics architect injects, extends, and embeds analytics into portals, third‑party applications, mobile applications, and white labeled applications. They publish web and data services for developers to build departmental applications. The architect must embed MicroStrategy data and objects in custom applications, extend MicroStrategy technology and implement customization, and integrate with MicroStrategy administrative capabilities from third‑party apps for workflow automation.

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