The Container Store used MicroStrategy to transform store reporting.

The Container Store used MicroStrategy to deploy an application called “The Score,” a concept that originates from their CEO, to reflect the idea of complete transparency in their business. With this app, store managers are able to drive performance, monitor inventory, view payroll information, and more. This app has transformed store reporting and enabled managers to work more efficiently and productively. Read the success story to learn more about The Container Store's success with MicroStrategy.

Our journey with mobile started only 12 months ago. While at MicroStrategy World in Miami, traveling from the conference to the airport, we made a pact that we are going to take our reporting from desktop to mobile. We decided we are not going to build any more applications for the desktop. We are going mobile. John Trailkill, Vice President of Store Metrics and Systems, Customer Support and Business Development, The Container Store