Fanatics uses Microstrategy to power its enterprise analytics platform

Fanatics deals with a tremendous volume and variety of data. In addition to internal business and operational data, the company collects web traffic and clickstream data covering over 250 million web visits each year. These interactions generate over 30 million orders a year, but they only reflect a small part of the picture—social media, real-time sporting events, and news all directly impact Fanatics’ business. Their legacy reporting system, which was limited to grid reports in Excel, lacked support for interactive self-service data discovery and was unable to scale up to meet their growing demands. To solve this problem, Fanatics moved all data storage to the cloud and selected MicroStrategy to power its enterprise analytics platform—delivering the interactivity and self-service features that aligned with the company’s strategic initiatives. When combined with the elasticity of the cloud, MicroStrategy provided the ability to scale up performance on-demand. The company also deployed a Hadoop distribution to help manage and process unstructured log data, which can now be analyzed using MicroStrategy.

It's not just putting the right data in our hands but the agility with which we put the data and Microstrategy has played a huge role. Kiran Nagarur, Sr. Director Data Science & Engineering, Fanatics