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Since 1989, organizations of all sizes have looked to MicroStrategy to provide best-in-class business intelligence. MicroStrategy is committed to building the industry’s best analytics, mobile, and security offerings. Hear how companies all across the globe are using MicroStrategy to change the way they do business.

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“We optimized operational costs in our invoicing, saving time with more accurate and auditable reports.”

“We couldn't have accomplished this with any other platform but MicroStrategy.”

“The return on investment is extremely high. I don't know how you can run your business without a gauge or a dashboard to show how you're performing against the most critical metrics.”

“We see MicroStrategy as an integral piece to help us achieve that “best-managed city” goal we continually strive for.”

“I believe MicroStrategy has a more holistic vision for a business intelligence platform.”

“I was extremely astonished. We developed the IMT Incur Movement Track front-end tool in a remarkable five weeks.”

“I don't know any other retailer with an app that is as comprehensive and gives merchants the access to data at their fingertips.”

“This app paid itself off on the first day.”

“Visual insight is a great functionality for the users because they see really quickly what they can have with their data.”

“We really enjoy MicroStrategy's performance, scalability and the insights that it produces in such a short, timely manner.”

“If you look at where we rolled out MicroStrategy, there's a direct correlation from where we were before to higher profitability today.”

“MicroStrategy is the tool we use to achieve our BI strategy. The value is in how it's applied, MicroStrategy provides services that guarantee we are successful.”

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“[This app] has made it much easier for the sales force to do their job more effectively. MicroStrategy has definitely changed the way that we work.”

“The platform is the enabler.”

“We want to create a faster approach in actually delivering insights to our business partners.”

“[The staff] having the right information, at the right time, in the right format will improve the clinical quality that they provide to patients.”

“MicroStrategy is intuitive, fast, and immediately displays the information you need.”

“We've been able to start driving insight into information that we previously hadn’t even comprehended.”

“MicroStrategy does not just provide a great technology, they are a great team that we consider a partner, not just a supplier.”

“We can say that MicroStrategy corporate dashboards have one single version of the truth in terms of business indicators.”

“MicroStrategy Cloud really stood out... It had all the capabilities we were looking for.”

“MicroStrategy has been by far the best experience.”

“We choose MicroStrategy for the user friendliness [and] available functionality.”

“MicroStrategy Cloud is an easy way to get the analytics that you need to make good important business decisions.”

“We had to find a tool that was robust enough to allow us to do anything.”

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