"The feedback from all of our customers has been extremely positive, they're really excited about this new visibility to their data."
Patrick Lowry, Director, Business Solutions, HealthTrust

How HealthTrust uses MicroStrategy.

HealthTrust Purchasing Group faced a challenge: they needed an intelligence tool that would give their hospitals 360-degree visibility into supply chain performance. Using MicroStrategy, HealthTrust designed a dynamic mobile application built on the MicroStrategy platform. Employees now use this app to better interact with clients, explore their data in real-time, and identify where they can save money by adjusting buying patterns.

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HealthTrust Uncovers Value for its Clients Using a Dynamic Mobile App

Discover how HealthTrust Purchasing Group empowered their hospitals with detailed, real-time intelligence into supply chain management.

About HealthTrust

HealthTrust Purchasing Group, L.P. is committed to strengthening provider performance and clinical excellence through an aligned membership model and the delivery of total spend management advisory solutions that leverage their operator experience, scale, and innovation. Headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, HealthTrust serves approximately 1,600 acute care facilities and members in more than 26,000 other locations, including ambulatory surgery centers, physician practices, long-term care, and alternate care sites.


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