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"We see our BI platform where we have Microstrategy as the key front-end as the foundation to understanding each single consumer."
Michael Voegele, Head of Enterprise Architecture, Adidas Group

How Adidas Group uses MicroStrategy.

The Adidas Group is a leading producer of sportswear including shoes, clothing, and accessories. The company wanted to use analytics to unlock the value hidden in its tremendous amount of customer data. Adidas selected MicroStrategy because they needed a forward-thinking technology partner that could deliver both enterprise reporting and self-service analytics in a single platform. With MicroStrategy, Adidas is able to analyze data from across their portfolio of brands to better understand the preferences and buying behavior of their customers. 

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The Adidas Group Uses MicroStrategy to Generate Valuable Business Insights

The Adidas Group uses MicroStrategy for reporting and analytics so they can better understand the preferences and buying behavior of their consumers.

About Adidas Group

The Adidas Group strives to inspire and enable people to harness the power of sport in their lives. Sport is their very purpose. Inspired by their heritage, they know that a profound understanding of the consumer and their journey in sport is essential to achieving this goal. To anticipate and respond to their needs, Adidas continuously strives to create a culture of innovation and creativity. Through their portfolio of authentic sports brands, they  harness this culture and push the boundaries of products, services, and processes to drive brand desire.


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