Supply Chain & Operations Solutions

Supply chain analysis has emerged as one of the fastest growing business intelligence application areas. The proliferation of automated tracking systems, supply chain transaction systems, and electronic data interchange (EDI) systems have contributed to the rapid increase of data related to supply chain management. Companies in nearly every vertical industry need to have timely access to trends and indicators across key supply chain metrics.

These rapidly growing data stores make it increasingly difficult to have insight into these performance metrics. With a MicroStrategy supply chain analysis solution, managers and analysts can monitor and analyze inventory trends, track vendor performance, analyze distribution network efficiency, and respond more quickly and accurately to feedback from the marketplace.

A comprehensive MicroStrategy supply chain analysis solution allows executives to analyze trends and details, quickly adjust inventory and distribution, identify vendor performance problems, and understand underlying supply chain costs and inefficiencies. These functions can work together to streamline supply chain system reporting, improve distribution and inventory methodologies, and improve communication of supply chain and vendor information.