Global retailers rely on us.

The Container Store equips their store teams to make better decisions.

The Container Store customer success story The Container Store customer success story

The Container Store

Top trends. Real results. Fresh insights.

Customer-friendly dashboards for customer-focused businesses.

Retail store of the future

Do more. Know more. Sell more.

MicroStrategy apps empower retailers to deliver a dramatically better shopping experience and achieve new levels of customer loyalty, sales, and operational efficiency.

Coach success story

One platform for all your needs.

Coach uses MicroStrategy across their organization, providing their customers with a more relevant in-store experience.

Gucci mobile app demo

The Gucci customer experience. Transformed.

Gucci demonstrates the innovative ways that they are using MicroStrategy Mobile apps to better engage with their customers.

Guess success story

GUESS? goes mobile to beat the competition.

Beautiful, data-rich mobile apps empower buying teams to better manage their product categories, saving both time and money.

We’re always fully stocked.

See our wide assortment of customers.

“Every day, our Store Team Leaders require updated sales and operations information for their stores. Our iPhone app, built on MicroStrategy Mobile, delivers that, and also empowers our STLs to run their stores more effectively and provide superior customer service every step of the way.”

– Dave Zodikoff, Global IT Director, Whole Foods

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“It feels seamless, whether I’m on my iPad, on my laptop, or receiving a report from a printer. It really is one solution at the end of the day.”

– Danielle Schmelkin, VP of Business Intelligence and Customer Engagement, Coach

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“We needed better access to the data, more agility to make timely decisions, and better reporting methods. We needed a business intelligence solution capable of integrating all of those elements into one user-friendly platform.”

– Omar Fahmy, Business Systems Manager of BI, Pacific Sunwear of California

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“While at MicroStrategy World in Miami, traveling from the conference to the airport, we made a pact that we are going to take our reporting from desktop to mobile. We decided we are not going to build any more applications for the desktop. We are going mobile.”

– John Thraikill, Vice President of Store Metrics and Systems, Customer Support, and Business Development, The Container Store

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“We are seeing our business in a whole new light. Deploying MicroStrategy Mobile to our executives is the next achievement in delivering actionable, accessible, and visually compelling information.”

– Bruce Yen, Director of Business Intelligence Guess?, Inc.

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“Mobility and business intelligence are two of our top strategic priorities. Our executive and regional leadership teams live on the road, traveling from dealership to dealership. This app allows them to stay connected to the data they need to run the business.”

– Heath Byrd, VP and CIO, Sonic Automotive

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Retail solutions for all your needs.

Any application. Any device.

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Transforming financial services with data-driven insights.

MetLife enables their sales team with anytime, anywhere analytics.

Metlife customer success story Metlife customer success video thumbnail


Banks bank on us.

See how our customers use data to transform the way they do business.

Wealth Management - MicroStrategy Information Driven Apps Demo

Watch the Wealth Management demo.

In this era of unprecedented economic, regulatory and technological change financial services institutions need a powerful, agile business intelligence solution to thrive. Data-driven insights from MicroStrategy are changing how institutions manage risk, enrich the customer experience, improve operational efficiency, and fulfill their regulatory requirements.

MicroStrategy Mobile, the #1 ranked mobile solution, was recently selected as a leading solution for Wealth Management by the independent research firm, MyPrivateBanking.

Francis Martin from SWIFT: MicroStrategy Visual Insight

Dashboard design. Reimagined.

SWIFT embraces self-service analytics to accelerate time-to-market and reduce their dependence on IT for dashboard design.

Banco Espirito Santo's Real Estate Management App

Change the way you think about sales.

Banco Espirito Santo uses MicroStrategy to manage their dynamic real estate portfolio and give their sales force a mobile app that changes the way they sell.

Experience a real return on investment.

See our rich portfolio of customers.

“The iPad and mobile business intelligence—powered by MicroStrategy Mobile—are at the forefront of our strategy, and have already improved our business in tremendous ways.”

– Eric Flores, Director of Business Intelligence and CRM, MetLife

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“MicroStrategy will power the company’s BI system, allowing the global financial community to track and analyze interbank payment message traffic flowing through the SWIFT network.”

– Francis Martin, Head of Business Intelligence Solutions, SWIFT

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“It [MicroStrategy] is highly integrated, it is from one vendor, it gives us a lot of flexibility depending on our focus; so, we can go from mobile, to VI, to the web.”

– Martin Buess, Head of Global Claims Controlling and Management Information, Zurich Insurance Company

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“This app paid itself off on the first day.”

– Artur de Oliveira Guterres, Head of Information Management, Banco Espirito Santo

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“MicroStrategy is helping us achieve our goals through a single integrated platform and web interface.”

– David Harris, Chief Operating Officer, Amlin

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Let us help you care for your data.

In an industry where every second matters, Liverpool Community Health NHS Trust has instant access to the information they need to reduce costs and increase sustainability.

Liverpool Community Health customer success story Liverpool Community Health customer success story

Lesley Neary, Head of Planning and Performance,
Liverpool Community Health NHS Trust

Ensure your data’s wellness.

Learn how other groups look to us for the long term.

DeRoyal Customer Testimonials

DeRoyal is covered by our cloud.

Low total cost of ownership, low maintenance activity, and rapid implementation ensure DeRoyal's success in medical product manufacturing.

HealthTrust Purchasing Group Customer Testimonial

We help HealthTrust focus on their members' business health.

HealthTrust cares for 1,400 healthcare facilities across the United States, sharing insights on supply chain strategy. Their MicroStrategy-powered mobile app provides insights based on actionable metrics, highlighting opportunities for changing buying patterns.

Take control of your data. Others have.

“Approximately 10,000 end users across Bayer HealthCare's Global Operations and R&D business areas will use MicroStrategy for reporting and analysis of business data.”

“MicroStrategy business intelligence gives us a better understanding of the market, and helps us meet expected market share goals for our products. In addition, the performance and scalability of our MicroStrategy-based application is remarkable, allowing our users to be more productive and efficient.”

– Keith Megay, Astra Zeneca

“Our MicroStrategy-based Mobile BI solution will provide...the enhanced insight and analytic capabilities to make in-location decisions and ensure that our at-risk members receive cost effective and proactive care.”

– Paul Stoddard, CareSource Management Group Co.

“With the MicroStrategy App the information is right out there in front of you, and compared to how cumbersome and difficult it was to extract the most basic information from our previous tools, you are going to love using it! I hate to give you the commercial. I don’t mean to be a reckless cheerleader for MicroStrategy, but you’re really going to like this app. I do.”

– Joshua Pickell, Ceva Santé Animale

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“MicroStrategy reduced the database preparation stage of the project from 300 IT days to just 25 IT days.”

– Adrian Stubbings, Margin and Business Intelligence Manager, AAH

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“The MicroStrategy BI platform enhances our decision makers’ understanding of our business performance.”

– Ian Fereday, Head of Business Intelligence, Lloydspharmacy

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“Developed and implemented in under 6 weeks, the dashboard has provided us with a tool to greatly improve our ability to deal with capacity challenges during busy periods.”

– Jann Gardner, Efficiency, Productivity & Quality Porgramme Lead, NHS Forth Valley

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Let us be your data specialist.

MicroStrategy understands that healthcare systems have multiple layers and dimensions. We provide integrated reporting, analysis, and monitoring to healthcare organizations–providers, payers, pharmaceutical companies–while ensuring compliance with patient privacy and data security regulations. The health of your data, and more importantly, the patient, is what matters most.

Pharma sales enablement demo

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Explore your data now with free analytics software, or watch an on-demand webcast on how Novation is using Visual Insight to create analytics insights.

Customers will always be right. And so will your data.

Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts builds world-class dashboards to enable world-class operations.

Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts customer success story Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts customer success story

Marco Trecroce, CIO, Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts

Enjoy 5 star data visualizations.

Airline Analysis App demo

Mobile brings every flight into the palm of your hands.

See how the airline analysis app lets you explore data and gather insights in an intuitive and visual way. MicroStrategy enables you to make accurate and timely decisions.

Casino Management App demo

Browse through our casino management app.

On-the-go access to the casino management app via iPhone helps you understand customer behavior and maximize revenue.

We help others like you increase their occupancy.

“MicroStrategy will support our executive management team in strategic planning, tactical responses and detailed analysis of business operations.”

“With MicroStrategy, our marketing team will have the information they need to make strategic, data-driven decisions to help drive business growth.”

“MicroStrategy is the Business Intelligence standard across our U.S. operations. Unlike its competitors, the MicroStrategy platform offers the power, flexibility and ease of use that we need 24/7.”

“In selecting MicroStrategy after a competitive proof of concept, Accor cited superior technology and MicroStrategy's extensive experience in the business intelligence industry.”

“With MicroStrategy, our user community will have a self-service approach to corporate information, freeing up our IT group to focus on strategic BI expansion.”

“With the help of MicroStrategy, we were able to replace 1,200 static reports in our previous solution with 50 reporting templates that are personalized for the end user through parameterizations.”

“Brussels Airport will use the MicroStrategy Analytics Platform™ to analyze its business operations and improve insights into the airport's operational performance and costs.”

“Tsogo Sun selected MicroStrategy to build a risk management application to manage its risk processes across the enterprise to identify, manage, and turn risk into opportunities.”

Your customers won't wait, so why should you?

Companies look to us to turn realtime data into realtime insights. Behind every world-class establishment is a world-class team. Use MicroStrategy to build a world-class dashboard to support your team's operations.

Casino Management App demo

Casino Management App demo

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RADIUS Travel leverages our analytics in an on-demand webcast.

Produce more with your data.

Kinross Gold, one of the world's leading gold mining companies, always has the right information at the right time to make effective business decisions.

Kinross Gold Corporation customer success story Kinross Gold Corporation customer success story

David Cefai, CIO VP Information Technology, Kinross Gold

Make sure everything is running like a well-oiled machine.

Other groups look to us to fine-tune their data.

“Campbell Soup Company is utilizing MicroStrategy for Sales, Finance, Customer Service and Marketing applications. MicroStrategy provides many options for presenting highly formatted information in a consistent user-friendly format.”

– Paul Williams, Campbell Soup Company

“MicroStrategy provides us with an in-depth view into our business and the ability to reach economies of scale for scarce resources.”

– Xavier Serres, Danone

“The MicroStrategy application enables management to track KPIs across the enterprise, including cash fow and business units.”

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“Husqvarna chose MicroStrategy to build a mobile solution that will empower its management team to track sales performance by region for its various product lines, and view trends about the company's sales, transactions and productivity on mobile devices.”

“MicroStrategy will help Michelin to better monitor the performance of its worldwide manufacturing plants and improve business decisions through visual and mobile analytics.”

“Pacific Sunwear selected MicroStrategy for its ease-of-use, superior visualizations and analytical reporting capabilities, as well as its outstanding scalability for big data.”

“Forever 21 selected MicroStrategy to perform financial analysis, store operations reporting, and merchandising analytics.”

“I have no doubt in saying the initial investment in MicroStrategy has paid for itself within 12 months and will continue to create returns for the foreseeable future.”

We can reduce your businesses downtime
and turn hours into minutes.

At MicroStrategy, we never compromise one for the other. We provide the widest support for data sources, all in one place. The top manufacturing, utilties, and energy companies run our high-speed analytics against all their data, helping to reduce downtime, manage assets, and mitigate risks.

Get started with us today.

Explore your data now with free analytics software, or watch a webcast
on using visual analytics with the nation's largest electricity provider.

Your data is your best storyteller.

AutoTrader deploys a MicroStrategy-powered sales enablement app to 1,000 advertising consultants. customer success story customer success story

James Tom, Senior Director, Sales Strategy,

Data is worth more than a thousand words.

Learn how we help organizations write their story.

Tapjoy and MicroStrategy Cloud

Watch how Tapjoy turns insight into action quickly.

Tapjoy is changing the way people discover, share, and engage with mobile apps. Through MicroStrategy, Tapjoy advertisers and publishers are also able to view dashboards on mobile devices, allowing them to access key information anytime, anywhere.

Telecommunications Multi-Channel Customer Analytics app demo

See the telecommunications multi-channel customer app up close.

This mobile app enables managers to access revenue channel data, customer buying trends, buying scenarios, and profitability analysis information. Access to comprehensive dashboards immerses managers and executives in a data-driven culture.

Leading media and communications companies use MicroStrategy to get their message across.

“With MicroStrategy, we’ve found a solution that provides the analytics, accessibility and extensibility we need, while integrating seamlessly with our existing platforms.”

– Jim Berger, VP, Business Intelligence and Operations, TRUECar

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“Every month, we see over 22 billion records of raw ad event data, and the beauty of using MicroStrategy on top of our Cloudera solution is being able to transform that raw data into insights for our customers.”

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“We have seen the speed by which decisions are made and productivity levels increase.”

“MicroStrategy enables us to expand the capabilities and uses of valuable data across the company.”

– Jay Carlson, Charter Communications, Inc.

“MicroStrategy's user-friendly reporting capabilities coupled with its powerful analytics are tailor-made for our needs.”

“Together with MicroStrategy, T-Systems will lay the BI foundation at Bundesagentur fur Arbeit [the Federal Employment Agency in Germany] and empower up to 100,000 internal and external end users with the ability to run 230,000 MicroStrategy-based reports and analytics against a 100-Terabyte data warehouse.”

“MicroStrategy-based advanced analytics data also helps LinkedIn identify customer behavior and intraday trends, as well as monitor and evaluate key performance measures such as page views, registrations, invitations, and product usage.”

“MicroStrategy has a strong reputation as the reporting platform of choice among many of the largest tech companies in the Silicon Valley.”

Being literate in data was never so simple.

To better understand how to market, let your data lead the way. MicroStrategy provides the technology to help you do so, providing an integrated solution to recognize new revenue streams, streamline operations, and deliver value-added customer experiences.

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Explore your data now with free analytics software, or watch a webcast on
how internet advertising platform Adconion analyzes its big data.

In data we trust.

SECO, Switzerland's unemployment agency, engages with MicroStrategy's platform to unify 60 different organizations.

SECO customer success story SECO customer success story

Dr. Elmar F. Benelli, Head DWH
Unemployment Statistics, SECO

Vote for data first.

They did. You can too.

MicroStrategy Express at American University

Shaping tomorrow's business leaders.

MicroStrategy Express provides a way for students and faculty at the Kogod School of Business at American University to learn data analytics as part of a rich, hands-on learning experience.

Data is the new world currency.

We help many public organizations leverage data for public good.

“MicroStrategy has enabled us to make remarkable improvements in areas including operational efficiency, financial performance, transportation logistics and customer service.”

– Robert Otto, US Postal Service

“MicroStrategy will support our executive management team in strategic planning, tactical responses and detailed analysis of business operations.”

– William Flowers, Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport

“This information changes our ability to effectively address educational issues in Ohio because we have data to drive our decisions. Why do students read better at this school? Why do they keep dropping out at that school? Quick and easy access to performance data lets us get to the bottom of trouble situations and take action to improve them.”

– Michael Carmack, Ohio Department of Education

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“Because the MicroStrategy platform is so easy to set up and deploy across many users, we envision building additional business intelligence applications.”

– Brian Anderson, Children International

“That's where MicroStrategy was invaluable and continues to be. These reports hit the right desks, at the right time every month, without fail.”

– James Fogarty, ICT Manager, Cork County Council

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“MicroStrategy is in use to provide the public and the internal organization with a variety of statistics among others with a Dashboard to measure the performance of the organization in helping unemployed finding a new job.”

“End users are able to access financial data via the web, which is proving to be the most valuable service the State of Tennessee has provided to its statewide agencies in the last decade.”

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Explore your data now with free analytics software, or watch a webcast on
how Usher can be used to deliver state & local government services.

Dramatically increase your sales productivity. arms their sales force with apps that provide interactive, real-time access to sales data and analytics. customer success story customer success story

Put the wind back in your sales.

Companies around the world sell smarter with MicroStrategy.

Sales productivity solutions

Optimize every aspect of your sales organization. Leverage advanced analytics to help reps identify upsell opportunities in existing accounts, and deploy cutting-edge mobile apps to improve rep productivity and customer engagement.

Read the brochure.
CEVA Santé Animale Sales Enablement App

Empower your sales force and close more deals.

Ceva Santé Animale powers its sales force with a comprehensive sales enablement app, giving reps a complete toolkit to optimize their job performance whether they’re on the road, in their home office, or at a client site.

Dr. Pepper Snapple presentation

Put analytics on your front lines in the field.

Dr Pepper Snapple Group amps up sales performance and agility and helps their salespeople understand performance by making sales analytics as “…easy as Angry Birds”.

Sometimes a good story is the best pitch.

See how our customers are changing the way they sell.

“Our sales reps only have a short 15 minutes with their clients and they need to use all this time for their visit; they can't waste time waiting for technology or information. The MicroStrategy sales app is very easy to use and provides quick access to all the data they need to customize a conversation with a client, even if they don't have network connectivity.”

– François Tricot, Ceva Santé Animale

Read the success story »

“This app has been a game changer for us. It has made it much easier for the sales force to get information and do their job more effectively. MicroStrategy has definitely changed the way that we work.”

– James Tom, Senior Director Sales Strategy,

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“Results were so promising that management decided to expand the application to include analytics that could be shared with doctors, along with promotional media such as brochures and videos. This journey began with a client who knew little about MicroStrategy technology. It didn't matter.”

Read the success story »

“The iPad and mobile business intelligence— powered by MicroStrategy Mobile—are at the forefront of our strategy, and have already improved our business in tremendous ways.”

– Eric Flores, Director of Business Intelligence and CRM, MetLife

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“The high usage groups showed significantly better performance relative to the lower and non usage groups. The high usage groups had an uptick of $17 million annualized incremental bookings.”

Watch the success video »

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We've got you covered.

Campofrio exposes key performance indicators for financial, sales, production, human resources, and multinational operations with a MicroStrategy-powered iPad app.

Campofrio customer success story Campofrio customer success story

Nuria Simó, CIO, Campofrio

Be in good company.

“We were 'wowed' by MicroStrategy's technology and the ability to build this application in one week leveraging our existing infrastructure.”

Read the success story »

“Campbell Soup Company is utilizing MicroStrategy for sales, finance, customer service and marketing applications. MicroStrategy provides many options for presenting highly formatted information in a consistent user-friendly format.”

– Paul Williams, Campbell Soup Company

“MicroStrategy provides us with an in-depth view into our business and the ability to reach economies of scale for scarce resources.”

– Xavier Serres, Danone

“We can say that with MicroStrategy corporate dashboards we can have one single version of the truth in terms of business indicators.”

“Arcor has chosen to expand its MicroStrategy deployment to give its executives, merchants, and planners enhanced reporting and user-friendly dashboard capabilities.”

We're a one-size-fits-all kind of platform.

The best business decisions are driven by data. Successful organizations operationalize business intelligence and embed analytics in their DNA. MicroStrategy supports a full range of analytics functionality, from stunning business dashboards and reports to sophisticated statistical analysis and data mining. Our platform gives you the flexibility to start small and seamlessly scale to the enterprise and beyond.

Get started with us today.

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on how you can transform your data using advanced analytics.