Interact with MicroStrategy Objects Directly Through Microsoft Office

MicroStrategy Office is designed using Microsoft .NET technology and accesses the MicroStrategy business intelligence platform using XML and Web services.

MicroStrategy Office gives business users open and straightforward access to the full functionality of the MicroStrategy platform from familiar Microsoft Office applications. MicroStrategy Office serves as a Microsoft add-in, with MicroStrategy functionality expressed as a single tool bar in Microsoft.

Features at a glance

  • Users can run, manipulate & create MicroStrategy BI reports from within Microsoft Office applications
  • Embedded MicroStrategy reports can be reformatted using Microsoft Office formatting tools
  • Reports inherit all native Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint & Word functionality
  • Web Services architecture is fully Microsoft.NET-compliant
  • Compatible with Microsoft Office XP, 2003, 2007 & 2010

Benefits at a glance

  • Brings Business Intelligence to the whole enterprise
  • Create customized report books, presentations & documents
  • Use reports outside of Office
  • Quick & easy integration with existing applications of Microsoft Office
  • Securely share reporting with other Office users
  • Easy administration as part of the MicroStrategy Platform

Ad Hoc Reporting Through Microsoft Office

MicroStrategy Web's intuitive array of manipulations delivers full BI functionality through a zero-footprint, browser-independent interface. Any user who is familiar with a basic Windows application can easily navigate information, access vital reports, perform insightful analysis and monitor key business metrics using familiar techniques and Windows-like paradigms such as:

  • Drag and Drop Report Manipulation
  • Drop down menus
  • Right click, context sensitive menus
  • One-click toolbars

One-Click Refresh

Once the report book is assembled, business users can reuse it for as long as they like; it is a "live" document. MicroStrategy Office offers one-click refresh that will automatically refresh every report in the workbook. For example, new data may be available every week. With one-click refresh (A), business users can refresh their report book (B) weekly with one button, even when it runs onto multiple worksheets (C). And because all the reports originate from a MicroStrategy BI application, the business user and IT can rest assured the data is accurate and secure.

Access Corporate Data With MicroStrategy Reports Via Microsoft Office

With MicroStrategy Office, business users never need to leave their Microsoft application to access and present corporate data. Business users can format, sort, and organize data from MicroStrategy reports just as they would any other Microsoft table or chart. Microsoft files can become live repositories of corporate data, continually linked back to the MicroStrategy business intelligence platform. With MicroStrategy Office, users refresh data across all reports in a document with one simple click.

Securely Share with other Microsoft Office Users

MicroStrategy Office documents leverage the comprehensive security architecture of the MicroStrategy BI Platform. Access to the BI data is completely secure for each authorized user, who can have a single-sign-on. This means a document such as an email or presentation without data can be shared with many business users. Once the business users connect and are authorized as a valid user of the MicroStrategy BI application, they can refresh the presentation with one click. Each business user will receive only his or her personalized and applicable data and reports.

Comprehensive Security

Data is secured at the cell level using security filters and access control lists. MicroStrategy Office avoids insecure direct database connectivity by using MicroStrategy Web Services, with all the security benefits of the MicroStrategy Platform.

Easy Administration as Part of the MicroStrategy Platform

All MicroStrategy Office users are managed with a single powerful and encrypted central metadata. Consequently, reports run in MicroStrategy Office fully leverage the centrally automated platform administration in a MicroStrategy project, enabling lightning-fast responses and optimized object management, at any scale.

Business Intelligence for the Whole Enterprise

With MicroStrategy Office, business people can access all of their critical data directly through Microsoft Office with ease. MicroStrategy Office leverages the MicroStrategy industrial-strength platform to provide these Office users with centrally manageable and iron-clad security, scalability, and integration while maintaining a direct link back to the underlying data and metadata – thereby providing business people with a simple transparent window into all of their data, and a single version of the truth.