As a Data Scientist, you embrace the challenge of finding patterns and insights in massive and complex sources of data. You leverage your multi-disciplinary skills (math, programming, social science, database, analytics) to apply a scientific and statistical approach to modern data analysis. Your knowledge of predictive models and adoption of the latest tools and frameworks lends you a critical and trusted role in the success of your business.

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Advanced Analytics Reporting

Course 11.412

Build advanced objects (metrics, filters, derived elements, custom groups) to develop complex analytical reports. Bring your reports to the next level with more detailed information using advanced analytics, to glean valuable insights by manipulatin...


Data Mining and Predictive Analytics

Course 11.711

Develop predictive models and reports by leveraging native algorithms or by importing models from third party data mining vendors like R and PMML, in hands-on exercises using MicroStrategy Developer. Learn data mining best practices.


MicroStrategy Engines and SQL

Course 11.911

Understand how the MicroStrategy Engine develops Structured Query Language (SQL) to gather data in a variety of reporting scenarios. Learn methods for tuning and optimizing report performance using Very Large Database (VLDB) properties.