Igor Freitas

Igor Freitas

Training Consultant

Igor was a consultant with MicroStrategy Brazil, working with clients like Target, Wells Fargo, and Avon. He managed database migration from UDB to Teradata and set up MicroStrategy projects. He was also a Business Intelligence consultant with the financial services firm GFT Group. Igor brings his Computer Science background to his classrooms, along with certifications as a MicroStrategy Certified Document Developer, Project Designer, and Developer. Igor also holds a Business Intelligence Certification from the University of California Irvine and IBM Cognos certification. He speaks English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Igor is a top-rated instructor and uses his international experience to help his students gain confidence and the knowledge they need to use MicroStrategy successfully.

Courses taught by Igor


Dashboarding Data with Dossiers

Course 11.117

Import data into MicroStrategy Desktop to create visually appealing interactive dashboards. Learn how to turn your data into visualizations that enable you to quickly and easily analyze trends and key performance indicators. Analyze your visualizatio...


Advanced Reporting

Course 11.118

Create reports, metrics, and filters in MicroStrategy Web. Build perfectly formatted documents and enterprise dashboards most commonly used for financial statements, performance scorecards, and executive reporting applications.


Enterprise Applications

Course 11.119

Build a basic analytical application through hands-on exercises starting with the basic building components of an analytics architecture through project development, deployment, and simple administrative functionality. This course will cover the fund...


Advanced Data Warehousing

Course 11.912

Learn how to manage complex data warehouse schemas, model different types of attribute relationships, and design a schema for optimal performance. Understand how to resolve common data modeling issues. This class follows up on the Project Design clas...

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