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Education: Courses & Certifications

What programs, offerings, and certifications do you have?
We have a standard set of role-based certifications for each of our core solutions. Analysts, developers, and administrators may choose to be certified on our analytics, mobility, and security solutions. Individuals who earn all certifications across one role or across one solution will automatically be granted another certification (for example, an analyst who completes the certifications for the analytics, mobility, and security solutions will become a MicroStrategy Certified Analyst). Please see our Education home page for more information.
What delivery methods are available for your educational offerings?
We offer traditional instructor-led classroom training at our worldwide MicroStrategy Training Centers, virtual classroom training (via web conferencing applications like Webex), and private training sessions held at your own facilities. We also offer on-demand self-paced eCourseware, and recordings of our instructor-led trainings.
How can I access the MicroStrategy Learning Portal?
To sign in to our Learning Portal visit If this is your first time, you will need to click the sign up tab to create an account. After your account is created, you will have access to our convenient self-service system, where you can register for sessions, exams, projects, online classes, and also have access to your training history and print certificates for exams and courses you completed.
How do I register for a course or exam?
Once logged in to the Learning Portal, use the search menu and click on “Browse for Training”. Here you can find all of our course and exam offerings. Once you find the course or exam you want, click on the blue “Add to Cart” button. (Note: For PEP members this will be a “Request” button which will add the course directly to your transcript.) Once you complete the checkout and payment process, the course will be added to your transcript.
What is your refund policy?
You are eligible for a full refund provided you withdraw successfully from a course before it starts. Once the course has begun, we cannot provide a refund.
When will grades get posted?
For most exams, you will receive your grade immediately upon submitting your exam. For the MCD project, your grade will be sent to you within 10 business days.
What is your exam retake policy?
You may retake a certification exam as many times as you would like, but you must pay the price of the exam each time.
I am located outside the USA. Can I take MicroStrategy classes?
Absolutely! We offer in-center instructor-led classes at our training centers worldwide. If you don’t have a training center nearby, you may enroll in any instructor-led distance learning class that suits your preferred schedule, language, and time zone.
How can I purchase a Perennial Education Pass (PEP)?
The most convenient way to purchase a PEP is through the MicroStrategy Learning Portal. Enter “PEP” into the global search box in the top right corner. Once the details are displayed, click the “Add to Cart” button and complete the checkout process. Once we receive payment in full, you will have access to our full library of courses for a full year.
I cannot access a course I registered for. Why does it say “pending payment”?
The invoicing process can take up to 2 weeks. Until we receive payment in full, trainings are not released to the user. If you are outside the USA and desire an instant option to pay, consider making a bulk purchase of Training Units (TU’s) by invoice. TU’s are tokens that can be redeemed for training. 1TU=$100.00USD. Once these are released, they can be redeemed instantly to pay for courses.
Do you really have courses starting at 3:30am?
We offer our courses worldwide, so it is important to take note of all the session details. That 3:30am EST course starts at 8:30am GMT in Europe.
I have more questions. Who should I contact?
The MicroStrategy education team is available to answer your questions. We can be reached by email at or by phone at 1-877-232-7168 Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm EST.

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