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How do I register for a Jump Start class?

How do I register for a paid class?

What is the MicroStrategy Learning Portal?

Purchasing and Payment

What is a PEP?

How is a PEP different from a TU?

Can I purchase individual courses?

Where can I get more information on my purchasing options?


I don’t have time to dedicate full days to training right now. Is there still an option that can help me learn more about the tool?

Who should I contact for general questions about MicroStrategy’s education offerings or to schedule training?

Certifications and Courses

How long is a certification project?

What happens to my v9 certification? Is it still valid?

What language(s) are available for certification projects?

What happens if I do not pass the certification project?

Do I have to take classes to take a certification project?

Why do certfications no longer require comprehensive exams?

I am a Certified Platform Engineer (CPE) in v9, is there a v10 Engineer certification?

How do I prove my certification to a third party?

What is the passing grade for a certification project?

What resources are allowed during a certification project?

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