SDK for Customizing Enterprise Security

Inject security into every enterprise system, application, business process, and transaction. In this hands-on class, gain a deep understanding of the Usher APIs, SDKs, and develop the ability to extend the core enterprise security network to every corner of the enterprise. Recommend taking "Overview of Enterprise Security" prior to taking this course.Requirements: Mac ComputerApple ID account (iTunes account)Xcode 7 does not require an apple developer accounthttps://appleid.apple.com/account?localang=en_US3 email accounts accessible from your iPhoneAs an alternative you can use disposable email addresses from Mailinator.comDigital .png photo of you for your badge 400 x 400 pxRegister at developer.usher.com


  • Free with PEP
  • 7 Training Units
  • $700


  • 8 hours


  • MicroStrategy 2019


  • Security


  • Developers


  • Specialist

Instructor-Led Training

Online May 24, 2019
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM CST
English Stephen Goodson Stephen Goodson 13 / 20 Register

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