Overview of Enterprise Mobility

Build basic enterprise mobile applications using MicroStrategy tools. Covers the fundamentals of enterprise mobility and builds the knowledge base necessary to tackle the more advanced courses offered for analysts, developers, and administrators. The majority of this course will be hands-on, performing basic mobile application design, development, and deployment. Skills you gainDesign principles for mobile apps Creating documents with interactive graphs Creating mobile configurations Adding mobile-specific features to a document Creating and deploying a mobile app to a mobile device Understanding of the mobile app development lifecycle Storyboarding Mobile architecture basics Optimizing dossiers for mobile platforms MicroStrategy products coveredMicroStrategy Mobile platform TopicsPlan and design a MicroStrategy Mobile app Create a Mobile app MicroStrategy Library Mobile App Extend Mobile capabilities Administration and app deployment


  • Free with PEP
  • 14 Training Units
  • $1400


  • 16 hours


  • MicroStrategy 2019


  • Mobile


  • Analysts


  • Specialist

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