Advanced SDK for Customizing Visualizations

Learn how to adapt D3 and other graphs so they are compatible with MicroStrategy and then integrate them into a dossier. Create a new visualization from scratch, or use a visualization from the Internet. Incorporate advanced features like metric thresholds, customized drop zones, and custom properties. Explore complex real-world visualizations to appropriately and easily implement these features, and deploy them to other environments. Provides advanced customization techniques, including coding. Skills you gainAnalyzing and writing code in JavaScript Modifying XML files, HTML, and CSS Using the Visualization SDK API Introductory D3 and SVG Creating a D3 visualization and a plug-in Converting a D3 visualization to consume MicroStrategy data Defining custom properties in a visualization MicroStrategy products coveredMicroStrategy SDK MicroStrategy Web MicroStrategy Desktop TopicsIntroduction to visualizations Convert D3 visualizations Create D3 visualizations Exploit advanced visualization features Create advanced D3 visualizations Explore complex visualizations Deploy D3 visualizations


  • Free with PEP
  • 14 Training Units
  • $1400


  • 16 hours


  • MicroStrategy 2019


  • Analytics


  • Developers


  • Master

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