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Train and empower a team of certified MicroStrategy advisors to staff your Intelligence Center and maximize the capabilities of your MicroStrategy platform. 

As your organization transforms into an Intelligent Enterprise, your business will become increasingly reliant on the performance and health of your MicroStrategy deployment. To succeed at enterprise scale, you'll need to assemble an Intelligence Center – a team of certified experts who can maximize the utility, adoption, and performance of your MicroStrategy implementation.

MicroStrategy Education offers a comprehensive set of Courses, Certification Programs, and Learning Options to empower your team with the expertise, technique, and best practices required for these critical roles.

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A Comprehensive Curriculum for all Skill Levels

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Empower every role and build your Intelligence Center.

Selecting the role you're interested in, and explore our extensive catalog of courses, project-based certifications, and fast-track programs.

Application Architect

Create, share, and maintain intelligence applications for the enterprise. Publish standardized application objects, and promote departmental applications from self-service into the enterprise environment.

Analytics Architect

Create, publish, and optimize a federated data layer as the enterprise’s single version of the truth. Build and maintain the schema objects and abstraction layer on top of various, changing enterprise assets.

Mobile Architect

Build, compile, deploy, and maintain mobile environments and applications. Optimize the user experience when accessing applications via mobile devices. Integrate with preferred VPN, SSO, and EMM protocols.

Identity Architect

Build, compile, deploy, and maintain digital identity applications, integrated with enterprise directories. Digitally secure all existing and new logical and physical assets. Integrate authentication, communication, and telemetry into other applications.

Services Architect

Inject, extend, and embed analytics into portals, third-party, mobile, and white-labeled applications. Publish web services and data services for use by Developers in building departmental applications.

Database Architect

Design and maintain database enterprise assets. Optimize database performance and utilization based on query type, usage patterns, and application design requirements.

Platform Administrator

Install and configure the Intelligence Architecture on-premises and/or in the cloud. Maintain the security layer, monitor system usage, and optimize architecture in order to reduce errors, maximize uptime, and boost performance.

System Administrator

As an Administrator, you are the central cog in the machine that is the Intelligent Enterprise. You act as gatekeeper, facilitator, and custodian of the Intelligent Enterprise.

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A Convenient Range of Learning Options

Instructor-Led Learning

  • Live lectures scheduled and conducted by MicroStrategy certified instructors
  • Offered online or in-person at MicroStrategy locations, with multiple sessions offered per course

On-Demand Learning

  • Users have access to thousands of hours of content at their convenience
  • Includes recorded instructor-led sessions and self-paced e-learning modules

Customer On-Site Training

  • Certified trainers work with customers to develop a customized agenda
  • Up to twenty participants may attend per session

Exceptional Results

“MicroStrategy's Education Services provides knowledge, confidence, and empowers everyone from our global analysts to our executive team members to become more self-sufficient and productive to support our global business initiatives.”
– Omega World Travel

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