MicroStrategy Consulting

Architecture and implementation services that drive real business value, fast and at scale.

We deliver flexible, full‑lifecycle services that span design, architecture, development, integration, deployment, testing, optimization, and administration. Our experienced consultants can bolster specific phases of your enterprise technology lifecycle and build end‑to‑end solutions at scale. Partner with us to achieve results and transform your enterprise.

Architecture at Scale

We craft solutions from the ground‑up for high performance, data integrity, and security—so you can seamlessly deploy to dozens and scale to thousands.

Full‑Lifecycle Services

Our proven methodology spans your end‑to‑end needs, from app design and development to deployment optimization and strategic planning.

Featured Services

Our experts partner with you to build the best business‑driven solutions for user experience, data integrity, and performance at scale.

Analytics Services

Effectively implement our market‑leading semantic graph to establish a scalable, reusable schema that allows users across your enterprise to leverage a single version of the truth with all applications, departments, and user roles.

We create an optimized enterprise data model, establish in‑memory caching to help you improve performance, conduct effective regression testing to maintain data integrity, and much more.

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What we do:

  • Design: Architect the enterprise semantic graph you need for the data you use most.
  • Configure: Construct your data architecture for high performance across your enterprise.
  • Optimize: Establish a publishing and governance strategy to optimize performance, maintain reliability, and preserve data integrity across applications and functionalities.

Application Services

Deploy user‑centric, experience‑oriented applications designed to provide trusted insights with ease.

We build custom applications, HyperIntelligence cards, and sleek and modern dossiers using proven best practices, development processes, and out‑of‑the‑box tools. Implement enterprise‑grade solutions in days or weeks—not months.

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What we do:

  • Design: Improve adoption by defining the optimal UI/UX for your enterprise applications.
  • Develop: Construct the application framework and data foundation to seamlessly build apps at scale.
  • Optimize: Enhance user experience with the latest features and architectural tuning.

Cloud Services

Our consultants can help you seamlessly migrate your legacy systems or on‑premises analytics environment to the cloud. Afterwards, our AWS/Azure experts will leverage proprietary tools to manage your cloud platform in a MicroStrategy Cloud Environment.

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What we do:

  • Optimize: Maximize the power, efficiency, and agility of your MicroStrategy Cloud Platform.
  • Configure: Significantly reduce infrastructure costs with updated architecture and an environment we manage for you.
  • Manage: Provision 24/7 monitoring, daily backups, and routine platform  updates.

Mobility Services

Deploy best‑in‑class mobility solutions and applications powered by MicroStrategy to deliver on‑the‑go insights to employees.

We develop intuitive, interactive mobile apps that align to your business workflows to empower your users on the go. Our experts dig into your use cases to create and architect seamless mobile solutions designed to optimize user experience on any device. We also help you establish a sustainable, secure MDM and EMM strategy to ensure the mobile apps you deploy consistently perform to perfection.

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What we do:

  • Design: Create interactive mobile applications tailored to your user workflows.
  • Develop: Build the architecture you need to deliver high performance mobility solutions at scale.
  • Optimize: Deploy and maintain how your organization goes mobile with EMM tools and governance best practices.

Platform Services

Architect, implement, and maintain a world‑class enterprise computing environment built on our powerful MicroStrategy platform—delivering the scalability and performance to achieve all your analytics and mobility goals.

Our expert consultants will maximize your platform implementation’s operating efficiency, maintain strict information security and data governance, and improve overall scalability, stability, and performance.

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What we do:

  • Design: Architect your system infrastructure for high availability, effective migration, and failover support.
  • Configure: Construct your data architecture to effectively manage information security, access, and privileges.
  • Optimize: Streamline and upgrade your platform according to the needs of your enterprise.

Intelligence Program Services

Spanning twelve intelligence programs, enhance your enterprise solutions by complementing featured services with specialty disciplines that leverage the latest technology in analytics.

Development Services

Boost your analytics and empower your people with the insights they need—when, where, and how they need them.

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A few services we offer:

Intelligence Services

Go beyond retroactive reporting and expand your capabilities with advanced analytics—spanning AI, machine learning, predictive and prescriptive analytics, and more.

Embedded Analytics Services

Reach more constituents with SDK customizations for embedded analytics, co-architected OEM solutions, and deliver zero-click relevant insights with transformative new tools like HyperIntelligence™.

Enterprise Services

Migrate legacy applications with ease and take advantage of our modern, market-leading enterprise platform, and ensure a single version of the truth across all applications and functionalities.

Foundational Services

Optimize your technical infrastructure, system architecture, and platform usage to efficiently perform at scale, leverage big data, and put your other enterprise applications to work.

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A few services we offer:

Administration Services

Optimize your platform operations, maintenance, and administration with streamlined migration processes, automated routine tasks, and monitoring.

Database Services

Supercharge your analytics with insights from new enterprise data sources or volumes of open, social, and big data integrated into your everyday applications.

Systems Services

Integrate a range of enterprise assets into your solutions with 150+ MicroStrategy gateways, connectors, and APIs for your top ERP, CRM, MRP, HR, and IT applications.

Identity Services

Implement multi-layer security and governance so the right people can access the data they need—and nothing more.

What do our customers say?

Check out what people share about partnering with our consultants.

“MicroStrategy Consulting has profoundly changed the way we think about upgrading our enterprise platform. Their team of experts worked hand in hand with us to lay the groundwork for a seamless upgrade experience. We feel fully prepared to upgrade to MicroStrategy 2019 and take advantage of all the new functionality available in the platform.”
– Lowe's
“The experts at MicroStrategy played a vital role in helping us build an award‑winning mobile app that provides significant cost savings by improving wholesaler performance. And by optimizing and automating administrative tasks like refreshing over 100 cubes and dashboards and sending email alerts, we were able to save over 20 hours a week in administrative work”
– Large Financial Services Firm
“MicroStrategy Consulting has profoundly changed the way we think about upgrading our enterprise platform. Their team of experts worked hand in hand with us to lay the groundwork for a seamless upgrade experience. We feel fully prepared to upgrade to MicroStrategy 2019 and take advantage of all the new functionality available in the platform.”
– Large Insurance Provider

Accelerate Results with Expert‑Led Consulting

Our global MicroStrategy Services team delivers results with a global team of consultants who offer the most extensive expertise in the industry—helping you maximize the value of your enterprise technology investments using our market‑leading Intelligence Platform.

Contact us today to:

  • Establish your enterprise foundation

    Design and build an enterprise‑ready platform and data architecture that empowers you to rapidly and sustainably scale.

  • Modernize your analytics experience

    Optimize your web and mobile apps for ease of use, intuitive navigation, interactive workflows, sleek interfaces, pixel-perfect design, and more.

  • Enhance your intelligence capabilities

    Supercharge your insights with the latest innovations and technologies in data science to deliver AI, ML, NLQ, and more.