Zero-Click Intelligence™: Deploying Cards to your Organization

Join this webcast to learn more about how HyperIntelligence™ is enabling Zero-Click Intelligence across the enterprise and how you can build Cards for your organization.

HyperIntelligence™ has the potential to completely change the way that organizations think about data and operationalize intelligence. Cards, a new object available in MicroStrategy 2019, help organizations inject intelligence directly into their users' web-based workflows. By making it radically easy to deploy Zero-Click Intelligence™ to every user across the enterprise, Cards represent a huge opportunity to drive the pervasive adoption of analytics and cultivate a more data-driven culture. In this session, attendees will learn more about:

  • How to build and deploy Cards using Workstation.
  • Best practices for building Cards and product demos.
  • Top use cases and benefits.

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