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What’s New in MicroStrategy 2019 for Business Users and Analysts

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MicroStrategy delivers completely revamped data discovery capabilities, powered by AI and Natural Language Procession (NLP), that will propel self-service and drive adoption within your business teams and across your organization. The capabilities are available consistently across every device—on a browser, a desktop tool for both PC and Mac, and native mobile apps. This makes it incredibly easy for anyone to build and share insightful analyses in minutes, on top of 100+ data sources. This session shows you product demos and will cover:

  • How your consumers can leverage the new MicroStrategy Dossier and Library to drive adoption with intuitive data discovery.
  • MicroStrategy Desktop: learn how you can engage and empower your business users and analysts to quickly build analytics content.
  • Intuitive collaboration capabilities that will help drive adoption across the workforce, with contextual sharing and comments.
  • The full suite of data discovery capabilities for successful self-service analytics from data access to data prep, blending, visualizations, geospatial analytics, certification of governed content, and more.
  • Modern capabilities including natural language queries (NLQ) and natural language generation (NLG) to create dossiers, text-based narratives, and data stories.