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VitaraCharts: 20+ new and extended visualizations for MicroStrategy

On-Demand Webcast

Organizations can harness and extend the unique power of MicroStrategy for enterprise analytics by providing end users and developers with VitaraCharts custom visualizations. Join Hema Pratapa, Co-founder of VitaraCharts, as she walks through use cases and presents real-world examples of dashboards built on MicroStrategy using VitaraCharts plug-ins. This webcast will cover:

  • How organizations can deploy VitaraCharts library to add 20+ new visualizations to MicroStrategy without any coding or SDK use
  • Exciting interactive features available with the Vitara integration
  • How you can add some serious “it” factor to your dashboards with advanced visualizations like Animated KPIs, Tornado, Trellis, Mekko, and Waffle charts
  • The brand-new, interactive PLAY LIVE visualization gallery