Transforming Healthcare with Advanced and Predictive Analytics

Watch this webcast to learn about MicroStrategy's advanced and predictive analytics and see real-life healthcare forecasting capabilities.
In the midst of rising costs, regulatory uncertainty, and evolving patient needs, it’s never been more important for healthcare organizations and insurers to tap into powerful analytical tools to ensure they’re delivering efficient, effective services. That’s why healthcare providers and payers are increasingly turning to powerful applications that leverage advanced and predictive analytics. MicroStrategy empowers organizations to build these applications by providing a vast collection of built-in analytical functions, native predictive analytics, and a seamless integration with R, the leading open-source statistical environment. Join this webcast to learn about MicroStrategy’s predictive and advanced analytics capabilities and see a compelling demo showcasing how one healthcare customer applied these tools to more accurately forecast their insurance reimbursements, leading to significant financial impact.  
The webcast will cover:
    •  An overview of MicroStrategy advanced and predictive analytics
    •  Key opportunities for using analytics to improve healthcare
    •  A demo showcasing powerful healthcare forecasting capabilities