Supercharge MicroStrategy with VitaraCharts’ library of ready to use 30+ additional visualizations on Web, Mobile, Desktop, and Library!

Founded by MicroStrategy alumni, VitaraCharts supercharges your MicroStrategy platform with 30+ ready to use, new and exciting visualizations for Dossiers, Dashboards and Report Services.

So why explore Vitaracharts instead of building your own custom visuals?

  • Ready to use library with 30+ options
  • The consistent user experience in web, mobile and desktop  across various versions , OS and browsers supported by Microstrategy
  • Enterprise Product support from Vitara engineers
  • Hassle free upgrades along with Microstrategy

As a part of this event, we will walk you through a LIVE DEMO of the various charts types like Calendar, Vertical Waterfall, Sankey , Micro charts,Calendar,Waffle, Play Animation, Enhanced grid and more. Along with this, we will also discuss the commonly asked questions around support, upgrades and maintenance that we offer.