MicroStrategy Professional Services: Improve Decision Making with Advanced Analytics

Watch this webcast to learn how MicroStrategy Professional Services uses best practices for successfully implementing advanced analytics projects.
What does Advanced Analytics mean to your organization? At MicroStrategy, it means using our best in class BI technology, with Data Mining and R, to create a predictive model that improves decision making. Developing a model using MicroStrategy is as simple as creating a metric, and after that, this metric can be used on all your dashboards and reports. Using MicroStrategy Data Mining features can reduce costs to other expensive tools and tons of effort to move data from your data warehouse to other statistical tools.
Watch this webcast to learn best practices for successfully implementing advanced analytics projects – and how to avoid common hazards that could cost your organization valuable time and money.  

The webcast will cover best practices for designing, scoping, and planning a successful advanced analytics project through key stages including:
    •  Business Value
    •  Dataset Evaluation
    •  Variables and Algorithm Selection
    •  Predictive Metric Creation
    •  Metric Training and Scoring
    •  Dashboard Development
    •  Workshop