MicroStrategy on Hadoop via Jethrodata: Accelerating Interactive Speeds on Big Data

Using MicroStrategy on Hadoop at interactive speeds is no longer a dream. Join this session to learn how Jethro solved the architectural challenge of Hadoop and Big data platforms, by focusing only on the unique needs and use cases of BI.

JethroData is an acceleration engine for analytical interactive discovery queries on Big Data Platforms like Hadoop, EMR, Hive, Impala, and many others. Now you can finally save costs on hardware and maintenance, by confidently deprecating your legacy EDW, and embrace new and much more cost effective Big Data platforms with significantly better performance. There is no need to change your BI apps or the data model, Jethro works with your BI apps “as is”.

In this webcast, we will show what Jethro does and demonstrate it using MicroStrategy on a dataset with billions of records.

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