MicroStrategy on AWS: Deploy your Enterprise Analytics in the Cloud

With MicroStrategy on AWS, organizations can quickly deploy enterprise analytics and mobility in the cloud. The new offering gives organizations the ability to fully administer and control their cloud deployments on the AWS cloud. Organizations can leverage a self-service provisioning tool to manage their environments, allowing administrators and departmental teams to spin up dedicated environments in minutes. Users also have the flexibility to start and stop instances, schedule tasks, resize, and upgrade the deployment greatly reducing overall TCO.

Attend this webcast to learn about our new cloud environment manager, how to launch a fully configured MicroStrategy project on AWS, and how to start building applications in minutes.

The session will cover:

  • A complete overview of the MicroStrategy platform, architecture, and product capabilities.
  • Administrative features including how to spin up, start and stop instances, schedule tasks, and more.
  • The benefits of leveraging MicroStrategy on AWS.
  • Best practices for deploying analytics in the cloud.
  • Product demonstrations and walk-through.