MicroStrategy and MongoDB: Bringing powerful analytics to NoSQL databases

Join MicroStrategy and MongoDB to learn more about the MongoDB Connector for BI and how your organization can start leveraging data stored in MongoDB today with MicroStrategy.

Today's businesses are looking for elegant ways to handle an ever-increasing volume and variety of data. NoSQL data sources like MongoDB offer a great way to store huge volumes of data. The challenge now is what do you do with all that data? Organizations need a powerful, enterprise-grade analytics platform that can help them turn raw data into meaningful insight and a lasting competitive advantage.

MongoDB recently announced a connector for leading BI and analytics platforms that allows organizations to easily tap into their MongoDB assets. By leveraging real-time operational data stored MongoDB with a powerful analytics and mobility platform like MicroStrategy, organizations can uncover insights faster than ever before. The MongoDB Connector for BI makes it quick and easy to explore and analyze data stored in MongoDB using MicroStrategy.

In this webcast, we will demonstrate how to connect MicroStrategy to local MongoDB datasets as well as those hosted in MongoDB Atlas. Attendees will learn:

  • How to configure MongoDB with MicroStrategy using the MongoDB Connector for BI.
  • Best practices for working with JSON documents in a BI environment.
  • How leading organizations are using big data and data analytics to transform the way they do business.