MicroStrategy Advanced and Predictive Analytics

Watch this webcast to learn about MicroStrategy's Advanced and Predictive Analytics and see a couple demos on how it's used in real-life.

Demand for advanced and predictive analytics is rapidly increasing, making it one of the most important drivers in business intelligence today. MicroStrategy delivers the core capabilities that allow anyone, from data scientists to beginner analysts, to tap into these powerful tools, leverage enterprise assets, build sophisticated analytical applications, and deploy insights throughout the organization. Offering a vast collection of built-in analytical functions, as well as native predictive analytics and the industry's best integration with the open source statistical environment R, MicroStrategy empowers organizations to tackle virtually any data challenge. Join this webcast to learn how to unleash the power of predictive and advanced analytics with MicroStrategy, and take a look at a real-world, state-of-the-art healthcare solution that leverages these powerful capabilities.

The webcast will cover:

  • Top trends driving analytics today.
  • An overview of MicroStrategy advanced and predictive analytics.
  • The MicroStrategy analytical engine.
  • Demo analyzing Twitter data.
  • Demo showcasing powerful healthcare forecasting