MicroStrategy 10.9: Analytics for Everyone

Watch this webcast to learn about the features and functionalities of recently launched MicroStrategy 10.9, including brand new MicroStrategy Dossier™ and MicroStrategy Library™.

More than any other solution on the market today, MicroStrategy 10.9 delivers analytics that works for everyone. It includes brand-new features and enhancements that make it even easier to build and deploy transformative analytics and mobility applications.

In this webcast, we will introduce the MicroStrategy Dossier™, the next step in the evolution of business analytics. Dossiers are a new method of consuming analytics that your end users are going to love. They go beyond dashboards and bring together data from across the business in intuitive, interactive analytical applications. By leveraging live collaboration, commenting, and notifications, your team can stay in sync and be ready to take informed action when it counts. And with the new MicroStrategy Library, we have built a single portal where anybody will be able to access and browse their dossiers using powerful search functionality or visual thumbnails.

Attend this session to see live product demos and learn all about MicroStrategy 10.9. Topics include:

  • New enhancements across enterprise analytics, mobility, embedded analytics, cloud and IoT.
  • Introduction to dossiers, a modern interface for consuming analytics.
  • MicroStrategy Library, a personalized portal that enables users to access all of their dossiers from a single location.
  • Powerful filtering options, including brand-new visual filters.
  • Enhancements to collaboration, sharing, and notifications that make real-time, contextual idea exchange possible for both web and mobile users.