Key Analytics and Mobility Applications for Municipal Government

Watch this webcast to learn how Municipalities use MicroStrategy to monitor and optimize public service management.
Municipalities use MicroStrategy to deliver data-driven applications to monitor and manage a range of public services including water, power, transportation, education, health oversight, public safety and emergency services, sanitation services, and road maintenance.

Watch this webcast to see:
    •  How MicroStrategy helps municipal governments keep pace with the needs of growing populations by equipping leaders with mobile tools for managing all aspects of agency and departmental operations
    •  How MicroStrategy solutions help city and local leaders maximize the use of public funds by empowering them with analytics that deliver a full view of spending and revenue cycles
    •  How MicroStrategy analytical solutions help municipal officials make better, data-driven economic decisions that improve urban planning and help stimulate local businesses
    •  Product demonstrations of applications, and learn about customer success stories that will leave you with information and ideas on how to build your next application