Key Analytics and Mobility Applications for Media & Entertainment

Watch this webcast to learn how MicroStrategy helps media companies in many different ways - from better budget forecasting and ROI evaluation, to audience behavior insights and social media analysis.
MicroStrategy helps media companies build holistic views of audiences to uncover deeper insights into what is being watched and how viewers are watching it. With this intelligence, organizations can make smarter advertising and programming decisions.

Watch this webcast to see:
    •  How MicroStrategy enables media companies to better forecast new project budget requirements and compare them against expected ROI from sales, advertising, and merchandising
    •  How MicroStrategy analytics give media companies detailed insight into the consumption behaviors of their audiences in order to make smarter programming and production decisions
    •  How MicroStrategy delivers insight on the social media response surrounding creative efforts so that media companies can better engage fans and influence online conversations
    •  Product demonstrations of various applications, and learn about customer success stories that will leave you with information and ideas on how to build your next application