Key Analytics and Mobility Applications for Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical Companies

Watch this webcast to learn how Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical companies use MicroStrategy to gain insights in consumer behavior, production, supply chain & inventory, as well as, securing sensitive information as required by law.
Biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies use MicroStrategy analytics, big data, and mobile applications to bring insight and efficiency to every aspect of their value chain.  

This webcast will cover:
    •  How MicroStrategy allows companies to identify which products are most profitable as well as monitor consumer behavior in terms of prescription renewal and product purchases
    •  Security features that protects sensitive corporate and customer information as required by law
    •  How MicroStrategy enables companies to track their supplier networks, inventory stocks, product quality, and production levels
    •  Product demonstrations of applications specific to biotech and pharma, and learn about customer success stories that will leave you with information and ideas on how to build your next application