Introducing Rapid Application Development with MicroStrategy

Launching a new Business Intelligence (BI) platform can be groundbreaking, but it is not without risks. Watch this webinar to learn how to maximize ROI, achieve analytics success and build a solid foundation for a successful long-term BI deployment.
Our new Application Start Up offering provides a MicroStrategy Consulting team and proven methodology to accelerate the delivery of your application while reducing risk and improving knowledge transfer. An efficient implementation, stable platform, and rapidly embraced solution are necessary to maximize ROI and achieve analytics success.

During this webcast, you’ll learn how to build a foundation for a successful long-term BI deployment. Application Start Up delivers:
  • Collaborative design sessions for business alignment.
  • A user-centric BI web application that accelerates the time to value.
  • Knowledge transfer for increased user adoption.
  • Platform metadata layer creation or optimization for self-sufficiency.
  • Optional MicroStrategy installation and configuration for stable performance.
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