How to Make Apps More Impactful with Transactions and Multimedia

Having your organization's performance numbers in the palm of your hand is a powerful thing. But being able to interact with that information to dynamically approve requests, submit orders, change plans, and capture information lets you take enterprise mobility to the next level. MicroStrategy Mobile enables organizations to embed write-back functionality and multimedia into their applications - taking you beyond basic mobile analytics to sophisticated enterprise productivity apps. Attend this session to learn about:
  • How Transaction Services allow users to take action directly from their MicroStrategy Mobile app and write-back information to underlying databases
  • Different options for transactional inputs, including the Photo Uploader Widget, which allows a user to take and submit an image; and the Survey Widget, which lets users dynamically submit answers
  • How users can approve, submit, or edit information, even when in offline mode
  • The Multimedia Widget that allows users to browse and view documents, images, and videos from within their MicroStrategy Mobile app