How to leverage SparkSQL with MicroStrategy

Join this session to learn more about how organizations can leverage SparkSQL with MicroStrategy.
MicroStrategy integrates with Spark SQL to leverage the power of in-memory cluster computing, enabling organizations to run analytics against Hadoop and other big data sources. In this session, you will learn about:
  • MicroStrategy's native support for Spark SQL which provides the flexibility to make changes to views rather than physical changes to the underlying tables
  • How to use Spark as a federated SQL engine to query multiple data sources
  • How to leverage in-memory capabilities available with both MicroStrategy and Spark SQL
  • Using Spark as a SQL run-time engine with Hive on Spark
  • VLDB optimization and tuning techniques to deliver the best performance with Spark SQL and MicroStrategy
  • How to build an exploratory dossier with advanced statistical analysis and predictive algorithms with Spark 
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