George Mason University: The Success of Migrating from Oracle Discoverer to MicroStrategy

Watch this webcast to learn how George Mason University successfully migrated from Oracle Discoverer to MicroStrategy and why they selected MicroStrategy as their new Business Intelligence tool after a detailed RFP process.

With increasing competition for students, faculty, and funding, institutions of higher education need to harness the power of data to streamline operations and heighten the student experience.  Oracle Discoverer was Mason’s legacy reporting tool which was slowly falling out of support as Oracle is sun-setting the product.  Moreover, it no longer met the university’s needs to run cost effectively, increase student enrollment, monitor academic achievement and contribute to student success management. To meet George Mason's growing need for strategic and analytic information, MicroStrategy was selected as the new Business Intelligence tool through a detailed RFP process.

To complete the migration, Mason brought together a Steering Committee for the Business Intelligence Group (BIG). The Committee is composed of the senior executive management team from units within the university.  Its purpose is to set BIG's direction, help guide the migration project, and to keep the project goals and targets up-to-date in our ever-changing budgetary environment.

George Mason University uses MicroStrategy reporting in its administration of student applications, registration, human resources, and finance.  In the short-term, George Mason is looking to transform their recruitment process while continuing to drive financial planning and student success.

George Mason University is Virginia’s largest public research university in the state, setting the benchmark for bold, progressive education that serves the needs of their students and communities. Mason is recognized for its programs in economics, law, creative writing, computer science, and business. Mason faculty have twice won the Nobel Prize in Economics.