First Siri, then Alexa, Now Meet Ana - Voice Activated Artificial Intelligence for Enterprise Healthcare BI

Join this webinar to hear how VisiQuate, a provider of BI solutions for healthcare.

Large-scale healthcare providers see millions of patients every year, each of them generating dozens of electronic data interchanges containing hundreds of individual data fields. Unfortunately, accessing the insights required to drive value within these organizations can be a time-consuming and highly manual process. This challenge is what inspired Visiquate to create Ana, a voice activated personal assistant that gleans data from their MicroStrategy based analytics platform.

Watch this webinar featuring Rich Waller, Co Founder and Chief Experience Officer, and Colton Briner, VP of Solution Marketing, at Visiquate, to learn:

  • How Artificial Intelligence with Chatbots can drive out inefficiencies in the American Healthcare system
  • How Visiquate developed a conversational UI named Ana on top of their MicroStrategy analytics platform for automated heathcare analysis

Watch this informative webcast today!