Find your Inner Explorer: Geospatial Services and the Future of Mapping

New for MicroStrategy 10.11, Geospatial Services delivers a full set of mapping capabilities powered by Mapbox. Tune into this webcast to learn how these new features empower users to visualize data in new ways!
Geospatial Services is here! This new set of mapping capabilities, available in MicroStrategy 10.11, are powered by Mapbox, a mapping and location data provider that delivers an incredible user experience. Join this session to learn how Geospatial Services allows you to use advanced analytics to drill into your largest datasets, interpret spatial patterns to uncover new insights, and make building and sharing map-based dossiers faster and easier. Whether you’re new to the mapping capabilities with MicroStrategy or a seasoned expert, you’ll come away from this session inspired and prepared to use the new visualization capabilities available today in MicroStrategy 10.11.
Join this live and interactive webcast to dig into the suite of new, native features, including:
  • New mapping styles
  • Graduated circle maps for large datasets
  • Dynamic display of layers based on zoom levels
  • Clustering
  • Mapping support for 150+ countries down to the postal code level