Build, Embed, and Extend Custom Applications with MicroStrategy’s REST APIs

Watch this webcast to learn how to easily embed and extend powerful analytics capabilities using MicroStrategy's REST APIs.

MicroStrategy is built to enable organizations to quickly deploy sophisticated analytics and mobility applications at scale. The platform architecture is uniquely suited to deliver reusable, governed, secure, scalable, and high-performance applications and meet the business intelligence demands of every user and every organization.

MicroStrategy offers a set of REST APIs that opens the platform up to a variety of technology ecosystems and makes it easy to embed, integrate, and extend powerful analytics capabilities. These APIs allow organizations to build powerful third-party applications that tap into system-of-record, governed data via MicroStrategy. With these tools, organizations can benefit from the MicroStrategy metadata repository and its associated security, push external data directly into MicroStrategy, connect to custom data assets, and much more.  MicroStrategy is the only platform that combines enterprise-grade performance, management, and security capabilities with an easy and empowering user experience.

Attend this webcast to learn about the various APIs you can leverage within MicroStrategy to build powerful data-driven applications.