Analytics for the People: Empowering departmental teams with trusted self-service

Learn about successfully deploying trusted self-service analytics to end-users. Find out how to drive adoption with techniques and modern capabilities including NLQ and connectors to Tableau, Qlik and Power BI.

Deploying self-service analytics where analysts and end users are confident and can trust information is critical in driving adoption. Absence of a framework for data governance can create analytical silos that lead to disruptive challenges. However, MicroStrategy enables organizations to empower business users and analysts with intuitive data discovery while maintaining governance and IT oversight. This session will cover:

  • The various styles, drivers, influencers, and models of self-service analytics.
  • An overview of the self-service and data discovery functionality available in MicroStrategy.
  • Tips for successfully deploying a self-service framework in your organization
  • How to promote business user data mashups into the system of record using the watermarking capability to certify dossiers
  • Best practices for IT teams to work with business counterparts to empower analysts and drive the creation of trusted content
  • Success stories that illustrate how existing MicroStrategy customers have rolled out self-service analytics to business users
  • >
  • Product demonstrations for business users that cover data access, data preparation, visualization, certification, and collaboration
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