Hierarchical Reporting and OLAP in MicroStrategy

Welcome to the MicroStrategy OLAP Reporting Channel. This episode explores high-level concepts of multi-dimensional data and best practices for analytic data warehousing techniques. It covers unique business cases of multi-dimensional OLAP technology, and how MicroStrategy can leverage your data from Microsoft Analysis Services, Hyperion Essbase, SAP BW, and IBM Cognos TM1. The video also includes a demonstration of hierarchy reporting in Dossier.

[00:02]    Introduction
[00:20]    Visualizing Multi-Dimensional Data
[01:48]    Analytic Data Warehousing - ROLAP & MOLAP
[04:30]    Business uses of MOLAP
[07:19]    MicroStrategy MOLAP Support
[09:55]    Demo - Connecting to a Cube with a Hierarchical Attribute
[12:28]    Working with Parent-Child Hierarchies in Dossier
[19:50]    Sharing to Library
[21:34]    Output to PDF
[22:52]    Wrap-up

Presenter: Bill Van Zandt, VP of Solution Management, MicroStrategy

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