Preventing Improper Unemployment Payments with HyperIntelligence

With 21 million American citizens currently receiving unemployment benefits, unemployment insurance employees are overwhelmed with the number of requests they must fulfill. Frontline workers struggle to parse though data from multiple different systems, taking them significant time to get the information they need to make data-driven decisions.

MicroStrategy’s HyperIntelligence can help, bringing together data from various different sources into a single card. With this Web and Office plug-in, frontline workers can find the information they need without having to leave the system they are working in.

Watch this video to learn how HyperIntelligence can help frontline employees do their job more efficiently by:
  • Bringing employees answers before they have to ask the question
  • Allowing workers to stay in the system they’re working in, saving them time and effort
  • Optimizing workflows by allowing users to take action right from the HyperIntelligence card