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Self-Service Analytics case study by Constellation Research

Putting data-driven insights in the hands of decision makers is critical. And the foundation of delivering this capability lies in the effective implementation of self-service analytics. In this case study report from Constellation Research, “How to Empower Agile Self-Service Analytics without Sacrificing Governance,” they provide a detailed look into two self-service analytics success stories: TAP Air Portugal and Stuller.

Read the report to learn how:


  • TAP’s analytics user base will increase from 2,000 to 3,000 (make this piece a bit more timeless by stating in how many months or years rather than stating 2019)
  • TAP’s self-service approach is 5X faster than its old approach to developing analyses
  • Stuller’s business users create new reports that are certified by a centralized team and promoted company-wide
  • Stuller was able to create more than 2,700 new reports within just two months

To read about these breakthroughs, and more, download the report.