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TDWI Self-Service Analytics Maturity Model: Assessment and Guide

The self-service revolution is well under way. As more organizations attempt to democratize analytics and expand data access using a variety of tools, it’s helpful to define this process using the five-stage TDWI Analytics Self-Service Maturity Model. With this framework, organizations can objectively assess the maturity of their self-service analytics initiatives and develop a better plan for growth.

Take this assessment to score your organization’s progress, and then use the TDWI Self-Service Analytics Maturity Model Guide to interpret your results, review recommendations, and formulate a strategy to evolve and grow evolve your capabilities.

  • Learn about the five stages of self-service analytics maturity
  • Assess your organization’s progress across five main criteria: Organization, Data Management, Infrastructure, Analytics, and Governance
  • See how your organization compares to peers