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6 Strategies for Moving Enterprise Analytics to the Cloud

Today’s forward-thinking businesses refuse to be limited by traditional approaches to enterprise analytics. They want the latest innovations delivered in a flexible, scalable manner and refuse to be slowed down by software upgrades or time-consuming infrastructure investments. In its recent report, Six Strategies for Moving Enterprise Analytics to the Cloud, TDWI delivers a checklist designed to help any organization thinking about moving their analytics environment to the cloud. It details the benefits, potential issues, such as security and governance, and how the cloud can impact future plans for both business and IT.

Download the report to learn more about strategies including:

  • Managing data placement based on governance
  • Unlocking insights from big data
  • Considering ease-of-upgrade for analytics platforms
  • Ensuring your platform is change-ready

If you’re considering a move to cloud-based analytics at your organization, be sure to arm yourself with this best practice checklist from TDWI.