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Partner Spotlight: Data Virtualization with Denodo

Every day, we work with our partners to meet the analytics and business intelligence needs of our joint customers. By combining technical knowledge and expertise with industry experience, we're able to solve many of the toughest business challenges facing our customers.

One of the partners that we work closely with is Denodo. They provide a middleware technology platform for data virtualization that lets customers quickly and easily query, browse, search, and manage corporate data without needing to move or replicate that data. MicroStrategy allows organizations to natively connect to Denodo, making it simple for users to make the most of their enterprise data. We spoke with Lakshmi Randall, Director of Product Marketing at Denodo, ahead of the company’s upcoming Fast Data Strategy Virtual Summit on March 29, about the work her company is doing. She shared two ways organizations are using MicroStrategy and Denodo together to grow their businesses.

Quality Control for a Wine Distribution Firm

A large California wine distributor turned to Denodo and MicroStrategy to help with quality control. The company recognized that accessing troubleshooting and diagnostic data was a challenge, and that not having access to this information made it difficult to communicate with and assist customers.

With MicroStrategy and Denodo, the company is able to access near real-time data and updates related to all facets of their operations. As a result, they can prioritize customer needs and act on potential quality control issues without missing a beat. The ability to provide proactive customer service also helped the company reduce the potential costs associated with wine recalls—allowing them to focus on efficiently distributing great wines and maintaining their long-standing reputation.

New Revenue Stream for a Biosample Management Firm

MicroStrategy and Denodo work with one of the top global biopharmaceutical and academic research institutions to provide comprehensive sample management solutions. This company wanted a business intelligence platform that could combine multiple bio-sample-related data sources to improve its research services. So it turned to Denodo and MicroStrategy to help create an entirely new line of business.

By integrating customer data from its CRM, its sample inventory management database, and ERP systems, this company was able to create a single view of each customer. Now, researchers, scientists, and biorepository inventory managers can view multiple data sources in a single place—bringing additional clarity to the data—and helping move research forward. With new business and operational processes in place, the company’s finance team can easily monitor customer service agreements in a centralized location for easier billing processes. With this new level of support for both internal and external stakeholders, the company was able to achieve its goal of creating a new line of business and developing a new revenue stream.

Want to learn more about Denodo’s work? Sign up here to attend their virtual summit on March 29. And for more information about MicroStrategy partners, click here

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